The world’s most powerful production flashlight delivers the functionality and durability needed by professionals for extreme applications. The user-interface is simple and intuitive, providing access to six brightness levels from Ultra-Low (4 lumens) to Turbo-Max (12,000 lumens) and strobe. The X65 is powered for 1 – 450 hours, depending on output, by a custom-built battery pack which can be fully charged in three hours. It is supplied in a presentation case with a universal charger, a strong shoulder strap and spare seals.
5 x CREE® XHP35 High Intensity LEDs
    12,000 lumens
      423,000 candela = 1,301 meters throw
        Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack (8 x 18650 3400mAh)
          5-year limited warranty
            1,290g including battery




              The X65 builds on the success of recent Acebeam models such as the K60, K70 and X60M which have achieved critical acclaim as some of the brightest and best-made LED flashlights on the global market.

              With the X65, the brief for Acebeam’s engineers was to set a new benchmark for output and beam distance while maintaining the functionality and durability needed by professionals for extreme search-and-rescue, security and hunting applications.

              In response they built the most powerful and robust production flashlight in the world.

              The X65 is fitted with five CREE XHP35 HI emitters mounted on a red bronze “pill” for efficient heat dissipation, set into an innovative multi-reflector which is optimized for throw and protected from the elements by an AR-coated ultra-clear tempered glass lens and a stainless steel crenelated bezel.

              Powered by a custom-made 6,800mAh 14.4V lithium-ion battery pack, the X65 delivers a digitally regulated beam of up to 12,000 out-the-front lumens with an intensity of 423,000 candela, equivalent to a throw of 1,301 meters using the ANSI formula, for between one hour and 18 days depending on the output selected.

              The X65 is an extreme tool, designed for extreme conditions. The body is forged from 6063 aluminum alloy, hard-anodized to level 3 (military grade) with an anti-slip finish and sealed to IPX8 standard for immersion up to 2m and impact resistance up to 1.2m.

              The user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive under stressful conditions. The X65 is controlled from a single switch which is easy to find in the dark and to operate with either hand. A single click of this switch accesses a previously memorized mode (Low, Mid or High) while a double click accesses Turbo (6,000lm) and another double click, Turbo-Max (12,000lm). For defensive purposes or to attract attention, a triple click from any mode or from OFF will trigger a dazzling strobe for up to seven hours.

              The X65 is supplied with a universal power pack to charge the battery from any AC supply as well as a strong shoulder strap, a spare O-ring and a five-year limited warranty (12 months on the battery).



              1:5*Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED with a lifespan of 50,000hours
              2:Max Output 12000 lumens  Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
              Approximate runtimes in each mode:
              Firefly : 4 lumens  450hours;
              Low : 500 lumens 28hours;
              Mid : 1500 lumens 8hours;
              High: 3500lumens 3hours;
              Turbo:6000lumens, 2hours
              Turbo Max:12000lumens, 1hours
              Strobe 6000 lumens 7hours
              3:Working Voltage:12V-16.8V  light on switch indicates low reserve
              4:Battery pack:Custom 14.4V 6,800mAh Li-Ion with safety control circuit
              5:Charging :via supplied 100-240V AC to 19V DC universal power pack.
              6:Max Runtime 450hours
              7:Max beam 1301 meters
              8:Peak beam intensity 423000cd
              9:Impact resistant 1.2meters
              10:Waterproofing :IPX8 standard to 2m
              11:Size: 276mm (10.9”) length, 108mm (4.3”) head diameter, 51mm (2”) tube diameter
              12:Weight 1,290g (45.5oz) including battery pack)
              13:Smooth reflector , highly polished unbreakable aluminum alloy multi-reflector
              14:Digitally regulated output- maintains constant brightness
              15:Side switch on the body
              16:Mode steps down from Turbo-Max to Turbo if internal temperature exceeds 70oC (158oF)
              17:Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium,
              18:Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
              19:ultra-clear tempered glass with AR coating, 98.3% transmittance, protected by a stainless steel crenelated bezel
              20:Tail-cap – indicator light for battery charging, DC Cap to seal charging connector, design allows tail-standing

              1x user manual;
              1x Shoulder strap;
              1x warranty card;
              1x Replacement O – ring ;
              1x AC/DC adapter ;



              1. To charge the battery, connect the supplied universal power pack to a mains supply (110/220v AC). Unscrew the DC Lock cap on the tail-cap and connect the lead from the power pack. A red light on the tail-cap indicates charging in progress, while a green light indicates charging is complete. A full charge will take three hours. Disconnect the power pack when the green light appears and re-attach the DC Lock cap. Note that the battery pack can be charged independently of the head.

              2. Turn the flashlight ON and OFF by clicking the switch.

              3. Press-and-hold the switch to cycle through Low, Mid and High modes. Release the switch to memorize your preferred mode – the light will return to this mode next time the flashlight is turned ON.

              4. To access the Turbo mode, double-click the switch while the flashlight is ON. To access Turbo-Max, double-click from Turbo. Additional double-clicks will cycle between Turbo and Turbo-Max, while a single click will turn the flashlight OFF.

              5. To access the Ultra-Low mode, press-and-hold the switch from OFF for one second. From Ultra-Low a single click will return the flashlight to the mode memorized in step 3 above.

              6. To access the Strobe, triple-click the switch from the ON or OFF position. A single click will return the flashlight to the mode memorized in step 3 above. Note that Turbo, Ultra-Low and Strobe settings are not memorized.

              7. To Lock Out the X65 (to prevent accidental activation and depletion of the battery while the flashlight is not in use), press-and-hold the switch from the OFF position for two seconds. The beam will flash twice to indicate successful Lock Out. To Unlock, press and hold the switch for two seconds, until Ultra-Low mode is activated.

              8. Note that, during use, the light on the switch indicates the energy remaining in the battery pack. Green = more than 40% reserve; red = less than 40%. The intensity of the beam will reduce when the reserve is under 10%.



              The X65 is an ultra-high-intensity lighting device that is capable of causing injury to human or animal eyes. Please do not look at the lens while activating the flashlight, or direct the beam towards any person or animal at the higher settings. This flashlight must be kept out of reach of children.



              Please do not disassemble the sealed head – doing so will damage the flashlight and void the warranty.

              To maintain the IPX8 waterproof rating, please lubricate the rubber O-ring with a silicon grease or other lubricant which is rubber- and aluminum-safe. Note that oil-based lubricants can damage rubber.

              Please clean the electrical contacts periodically, especially if the beam flickers or fails to light. Use a lint-free cloth or cotton-wool swab dampened with alcohol.



              In the event that the light does not illuminate or works erratically, please check:

              – does the battery pack need to be charged or replaced?

              – do the electrical contacts (including the terminals of the batteries and the threads joining the battery tube to the head) need to be cleaned?


              LIMITED WARRANTY

              1. If you experience any problems with this product within 15 days of purchase, the dealer will replace it.

              2. If this flashlight fails to perform as indicated in this manual during normal use within a period of five years (60 months) or the battery fails within 12 months of purchase, the dealer will repair or replace them with the same or similar model.

              3. All Acebeam flashlights enjoy a limited lifetime warranty – after 60 months the dealer will attempt to repair the flashlight for the cost of spare parts and shipping (i.e. no charge for labor).

              Please note, the warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by:

              – Rough handling or operation which does not comply with this user manual or product specifications;

              Battery leakage;
              Unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification;
              Defects or damaged caused by factors outside of the control of Acebeam.
              In the event of a claim, please return this product to the dealer from whom you purchased it, together with a completed Acebeam warranty card, purchase invoice or receipt and a description of the problem.
              In the event that the dealer is unable to assist, you may contact our Warranty